Where does the Festival take place?

-The Detroit Jazz Festival is held in downtown Detroit at Hart Plaza with a footprint that covers three blocks of Woodward Avenue north to the newly developed Campus Martius Park.

What are the Festival hours?

-The Festival hours are:
Saturday- 11:30am to 11pm
Sunday -11:30am to 10pm
Monday-Noon to 8pm

Where I can view the lineup?

-A downloadable 2015 Jazz Festival schedule and lineup is available online at http://www.detroitjazzfest.com/schedule.html

Is it safe to attend the Festival?

-Yes, Detroit Police and a privately hired security company have presence in downtown Detroit, in Hart Plaza and Campus Martius during the entire event. Please continue to use good judgment in bringing valuables and leaving items unattended.

Where do I park?

-Paid parking is available at various lots throughout the downtown area. Plan in advance to utilize the People Mover for ease of walking. All stations provide access to the festival footprint.

-VIPs receive daily parking validation. Parking validation is only available at the Compuware parking lot located at 1140 Farmer Street. Please note overnight parking is strictly prohibited. Bring your ticket to the VIP booth to receive validation

Is there bike parking at the Festival?

-There are limited spaces available for bike parking in front of buildings throughout the footprint.

What are the food and beverage options at the festival?

-There are a variety of food vendors at the Festival, from Mediterranean, Soul Food to Fresh Lemonade and Cotton Candy.

Can I bring food, beverages and coolers to the Festival?

-Yes, food, beverages and coolers can be brought to the Festival. However, bringing beer and alcoholic beverages onto the Festival footprint is prohibited. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased throughout the Festival footprint.

Can I bring my own folding chair?

-Yes, folding and beach chairs can be brought to the Festival. Tents and canopied structures are prohibited.

Can I smoke at Hart Plaza or in Campus Martius Park?

-Yes, Hart Plaza and Campus Martius Park are public places and allow smoking. Please be courteous to fellow attendees by not smoking in crowded areas. Smoking is not allowed in the VIP Hospitality areas and in the reserved seating sections.

Can I bring a purse or backpack onto Festival grounds?

-Yes, purses and backpacks are allowed onto festival grounds; however alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

What should I wear to the Festival?

–The Festival is outdoors and the weather can quickly change. During the day, bring sunglasses, hats, visors and plenty of sunscreen. Because temperatures can drop dramatically at night; please bring a jacket. Festival grounds are concrete and can be rugged. Ladies are advised to wear comfortable flat shoes; we strongly advise against high heels.

How can I obtain information while the festival is taking place?

-Patrons can visit the information booths located in Hart Plaza and Campus Martius or ask a knowledgeable Detroit Jazz Festival Volunteer.

Is there storage at the festival?

-Unfortunately, there is no storage available on the festival grounds.

Is there a lost and found?

-All lost items can be turned in or retrieved at the security office located in the lower level of Hart Plaza

What is a VIP?

-A VIP is a Detroit Jazz Festival Guardian, Sponsor and/or special invited guest who receives access to the VIP Hospitality area, reserved seating sections and other special perks at the Festival. Guardian and Sponsorship status also provides unique benefits throughout the year.

What does reserved/preferred seating mean?

-Reserved/preferred seating is a designated area for Guardians, Sponsors, VIP Guests and Jazz Pazz holders. These sections provide up close and personal experiences at three of the four stages. Arrive early for the best seats.

* There is no reserved seating at the Pyramid Stage.

When is the last day I can purchase a Jazz Pazz or Guardian package online?

-The last day to make online purchases is Monday, August 31st

How do I get my VIP wristband(s) or Jazz Pazz?

-August 17th to August 31st all Festival credentials can be picked up at the Detroit Jazz Festival office located at 19900 Harper Ave., Harper Woods, MI between 11pm and 5pm.

-Beginning Friday, September 4th at 4pm (Opening Night), Guardian credentials can be picked up at the VIP Hospitality Registration area located in Campus Martius Park.

-Beginning Saturday, September 5th at 11am, Guardian credentials can be picked at the VIP Hospitality Registration Tent located at the Hart Plaza Lincoln Garden area.

-Beginning Saturday, September 5th at 11am, Jazz Pazz lanyards can be picked up at the VIP Hospitality Registration Tent located at the Hart Plaza Lincoln Garden area.

-For purchases made August 17th-September 1st at the Detroit Jazz Festival office wristbands will be distributed at that time. Cash and credit cards only –no checks will be accepted during this time. The Festival is not responsible for lost or stolen wristbands.

How do I buy a Jazz Pazz or Guardian package during the Festival?

-A limited amount of Jazz Pazzes can be purchased onsite at VIP Hospitality Registration Booth located at Hart Plaza Lincoln Garden area.

-The Jazz Pazz onsite price is $150 per person per day and provides access to preferred seating at 3 of the 4 stages, a performance schedule and an official 2015 Jazz Festival Poster.

-Guardian packages start at $500 and include full weekend access to seating at 3 stages, post festival activities, and use of the two VIP Hospitality areas located at the Lincoln Garden in Hart Plaza and Central Michigan University.

Where is the VIP Hospitality area located?

-This year to adequately accommodate VIP members, the VIP Hospitality area will be located at Lincoln Garden inside Hart Plaza and at Central Michigan University located in Campus Martius. Guardian members can register, receive parking validations, and purchase additional Guardian memberships at the Hart Plaza location. Parking validation will also be available at the Central Michigan University VIP location. There will be access to an indoor VIP area with restrooms on the lower level of Lincoln Gardens for Guardians and Sponsors only.

*The Hart Plaza tent will not be open on Friday September 4, 2015
*Lincoln Garden Tent hours: Saturday 11am-12am Sunday 11am-12am Monday 11am-8pm

Who is invited to the VIP Opening Night Reception?

-The Opening Night Reception is by invitation only for honored guests, business and political leaders, guardians and sponsors.

How much of my donation is tax deductible?

Please visit the member/donate tab to view tax-deductible amounts at www.detroitjazzfest.com/guardian.html

For additional information about the Festival and its year round programs, please visit www.detroitjazzfest.com

Thank you for your support of the 2015 Detroit Jazz Festival!