AccessibilityThe Detroit Jazz Festival has taken steps to ensure that your experience is a great one regardless of your needs for accessibility accommodations.
Some of the steps we have taken include:
  1. Wherever practical the web site is maintained in such a way that audio reader software can access information.
  2. Our staff checks before and during the festival to assure walkways are clear of obstacles and steps.
  3. Wheel chairs are available to borrow at our accessibility kiosks*
  4. Additional chairs and benches are provided throughout the festival for those needing to take a break.
  5. Beverage stands all have a wheel chair level service station.
  6. ADA restrooms are available at all restroom locations.
  7. Family portable restrooms are provided in two locations.
  8. Accessible seating areas are available at all stages. Please arrive 20 minutes early.
  9. VIP's may bring a necessary support person with them if arrangements are made in advance.
  10. Area parking decks all have reserved "handicap" spaces.
*Where noted, you must leave your ID with security.